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  • YouTube Ad Revenues Go To The Dogs

    In a brillant move to use consumers' attitudes towards ads (we hate them) for good, Pedigree created an ad featuring adorable puppies and are giving the YouTube ad revenues to helping dogs in need. Talk about a compelling reason to share.


  • Starbucks uses Twitter to allow customers to buy their friends a drink

    Great use of Twitter by Starbucks.  We'll see more and more of this in the coming months.


  • #worldstoughestjob

    This ad is brilliant. Great job.



  • Are you taking Account Management Seriously?

    As an Account Manager now for over 12 years, I have to say that this article made me think.  We can never truly define exactly what makes a great Account person - as one that is great on one team may not be on another due to the client, synergies with the other team members, level of work, etc. 

    However, there are basic skills that one must pocess to be a successful Account person.

    This is a good read for everyone, as the Account role should be taken seriously.


  • Family Dollar closing stores

    FS is closing 370 stores and cutting loads of jobs... the effect of more competition (online, Walmart, other store), the harsh weather and overall lower sales.



  • Turning Hate Into Love

    Social media management is tough. Each brand's community has three types of people that follow their channels—haters, lovers, and everyone else. Responding to the lovers is fun. Responding to the haters...that's never easy, and there's no "right" way to do it. 

    When HoneyMaid produced an ad campaign that featured families, some mixed-race and same-sex, as a definition of "wholesome," the haters came out of the woodwork to attack what they deemed the brand's "homosexual agenda."

    Honey Maid's response? Use art to turn hate into love.


  • Let Us Roam

    An incredible short film series is coming to life thanks to the production prowess of Helio Collective and iconic camera brand Leica. Called “Let Us Roam,” the series tells the stories of photographers, artist, filmmakers and musicians, all within the subculture of skateboarding.

    The first and only completed video so far is the Ray Barbee one. Inspiring. Very nicely done. See link below.


  • Dad Makes Son's Life Awesome

    So you're an animator for Dreamworks and you have a son. Tell me you wouldn't add a little awesome to the videos of your sons life, too.


  • The Rusty Radiator: Awarding the Best and Worst in Fundraising Campaigns

    We've all seen them: Ads featuring impoverished, starving, underpriviledged childrent, often of African descent, with a promise from an organization to feed, clothe and essentially save these children if you donate the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day. Look at you, the western savior! And all it takes is your credit card.

    These ads (also known as "poverty porn") toy with our emotions, pulling at our heartstrings and filling us with guilt as we watch them on our 60" LED televisions in our three bedroom houses. As if solving issues of poverty and development were as easy as donating a few cents per day.

    These fundraising campaigns simply perpetuate stereotypes, promising a simplistic solution without providing any real information about how donors can help and where their money actually goes. It hurts the cause and the people portrayed. Truly effective and moving fundraising campaigns use creativity instead of pity, crafted with careful storytelling and featuring characters not on the verge of death but ready to embrace life.

    The Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund has created two wonderful awards to shed light on the worst and celebrate the best in fundraising campaign advertising.They are awarding creative campaigns with the Golden Radiator Award and stereotypical (and potentially harmful) campigns with the Rusty Radiator Award.

    Each category has 4 videos to watch. While voting is closed and the winners have actually been chosen, it's still a great place to see what type of messaging can help spread a cause's reach as well as seeing the messages that are tired, unoriginal and ineffective. 

    See them here >> http://www.rustyradiator.com/
    (Make sure to watch the video at the top, created by the NSAIAF)


  • Sex, Food And Selfies: Dopamine And The Other Levers Of Social Marketing

    "Here’s the lesson of social decision making: if we’re going to build trust, loyalty and advocacy through social media, we must do so outside the bounds of the traditional advertising relationship. Stop using social media to try to sell your product. Try to help people achieve personal satisfaction through your brand experiences, and the sales will come."




  • Evolution of Logos





    Interesting infographic about some brands you may recognize.



  • Walmart To Go

    read about the newly opened store in Bentonville. We'll be seeing more of these smaller format stores as shoppers change the way they shop



    The small-format push is aimed at capturing a larger share of quick trips by offering convenient locations better suited for a mid-week milk run than a distant supercenter. “Where we’ve been challenged is [with] the fill-in trip,” Walmart U.S. chief executive officer Bill Simon said at a conference earlier this month. “This has been interrupted by a rapid growth in smaller stores — dollar, drug, hard discounters and others.” Like the To Go concept, all new Express and Neighborhood Market locations will be hybrids: Both will offer fresh food, fuel and a pharmacy to compete against a wide variety of formats

  • twitter wants you to see how many people see your tweets

    read all about it here... and see how popular you really are... or aren't ;)



  • Taco Bell Sends a Wake Up Call


    In support of their upcoming breakfast launch, Taco Bell is in the process of mailing out about 1,000 Samsung T404G phones from HipCricket to superfans and influencers. Recipients of the "Breakfast Phones" will be instructed to keep their phones on at all times as they'll be getting personal calls and missions every day, leading to great prizes.

  • Using Mobile Marketing to Hijack Customers

    One of the hottest marketing topics of 2014 is mobile marketing and how retailers can deliver targeted messages using geofencing or geolocation.

    In one of the most innovative uses of a retailer app and geolocation, Guatemalan sneaker store Meat Pack stole 600 customers from its competitor's stores by pushing an "exploding coupon" which started at 100% off and decreased by 1% every second, stopping once the customer entered the Meat Pack store.

    See the campaign video here: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/meat_pack_hijack

    An important item to note: To receive the push notification while standing in a competitor's store, the customers had to have already downloaded the Meat Pack app. In other words, to pull a stunt like this off, retailers need an app that's already worth downloading.

  • Sell Products and Die. Sell Experiences and Thrive.

    According to noted retail expert Doug Stephens, stores that focus on selling products and measuring success using conventional methods like sales per square foot will join the Radio Shacks, JC Penneys and Staples of the world that are rapidly closing their doors.

    Instead, he believes the key to thriving in retail in a world where online shopping is so easy, convenient and cost-effective is to sell experiences that simply can't be had online and measuring retail success using digital technologies that already exist including video, beacons and social sharing.

    A fantastic and necessary read >>

  • Shopper Marketing ROI: Benchmarking What Works

    Data from more than 8,600 shopper marketing programs uncovers best practices to improve program performance and ROI



  • just another example of a good display ruined

    by price stickers!!!


    there has to be a way to design displays / POS and take into account that the retailer will ALWAYS put up a price tag!