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  • Target and Google team up for a fun in-store mobile game

    Google's Art, Copy & Code team created an in-store mobile game experience that shoppers can access through any mobile device. And the experience goes with Target guests as they move through the store and discover codes that unlock new games, levels and characters.

    With Bullseye's Playground, Target has an in-store experience that sets it apart from any other large retailer and lures in anyone looking for a more fun, less stressful shopping trip.


    Try it out and let us know your thoughts!

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  • Initial results from Thanksgiving / Black Friday

    Did being open on Thanksgiving actually help or did we just shift "Black Friday" earlier? Did having bigger deals just temporarily shift dollar spend?

    "Among the highlights:

    ■ Brick and mortar sales were essentially flat—down -0.5%—for the combined Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales period as reported by ShopperTrak, which is typically among the better estimates available for stores.  Its estimates are based on store traffic measured with devices in stores.

    ■ Online sales estimates from IBM and comScore range from high single digit to strong double-digit gains.  IBM Digital Analytics reported online sales up 14.3% on Thanksgiving Day and up 9.5% on Black Friday from a year ago. comScore reported online sales growth of 32% on Thanksgiving Day and 26% on Black Friday. Estimates from both sources are based on measures of online traffic.

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    Or is "everyday Black Friday and everyday Cyber Monday"?


  • Looking Good RiteAid

    Not sure if you've been in a RiteAid lately. I know it's been a few months for me personally, but today i was in a hurry and really needed a cold beverage. I stopped in and WOW was I impressed. All new beverage cold vault, brightly lit make-up / nail "bars" that would put CVS to shame and they even had a open  beverage cooler as an endcap with some milk, eggs, and yogurt in it.

    A few months ago RiteAid published that one of their key initiatives was their Wellness Store remodels and holy smoke does the store look nice now.

    I urge you all to give RiteAid a second look and stop on in to see all the changes they've made. (190 East Ave, Norwalk CT)

  • Walmart and $90 playstation 4s?

    Remember the other day when I posted about walmart honoring some online retailer prices? Well. They had to amend their rules since some people where taking advantage. Very interesting to see how quickly people found loopholes Read more. http://cnb.cx/1BQOOer
  • Target is now mobile mapping - just in time for Black Firday

    Target's app uses location-based tehcnology that links products with store maps. On Black Friday, the app will also provide door-buster deals at specific Target store locations.


    (In-store mapping is something BTW that Walgreens and Aisle 411 have been doing together for quite some time.. but I'll post about that some other time)


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  • A grocery store revamp gets inspiration from everywhere!

    Read about how a regional grocery store, Lowe's, upgraded their stores. 


    Very interesting to see how inspiration can really come from anywhere...

    It's very clean, fun / interesting and I can't wait to check it out on my next road trip to VA.



  • Could gas prices affect holiday shopping in-store?

    Walmart thinks so. wonder if lower gas prices will have an affect on online sales Read more here: http://cnnmon.ie/1sKF3oJ
  • 5 retailers who are changing retail experiences via technology

    Most of us are already aware of Walmart's Savings Catcher, but read about how 5 retailers are changing retail.

    Hointer, Walmart, Tesco, Sephora, and Nordstrom are featured in this article.


    How can we continue to bridge social / digital and retail to drive engagement with our brands and shoppers



  • They Also Tore Down Their Wall

    We at TracyLocke, Wilton, tore down our walls about 5 years ago.  Twenty years before that, The Berlin Wall, all 96 miles, was torn down, piece by piece.

    I have a chunk of the wall chistled that day right now in my office! Stop by to touch it! 

    And if you haven't seen the photos from Sunday where 8,000 glowing balloons marked the former route of the wall, and then were released, one at a time, here it is. So what does this have to do with marketing?  Each balloon was sponsored by either a person, a charity or a company such as Audi or Freidrich. How's that for irony? 


  • TED Talk - Your body language shapes who you are

    Gail Sheffler originally shared this TED talk with me and I believe that it is worthy to share to all. 

    How are you sitting in the meeting you are in right now?  How do you prepare for a presentation?  Do you feel confident?

    Amy Cuddy (2nd talk on the page, scroll a bit down) shows us how to "Fake it until you beome it".  Simple poses you can do for 2 minutes that help your body change your mind. Enjoy!




  • 50% off the top 50 toys

    Target is trying to get a head start on the holiday season. They (via their Cartwheel app) have started a "50% off a hot toy for the next 50 days" this will help them to offer exclusive savings to their guests, have their guests come back daily to see if it's a toy on their childs list, and create a sense of urgency (today only)



  • The otheR side of interactive tech

    Honda is making the news with the upcoming european release of the most advanced Honda Civic Type R ever made. W+K created an interactive video that shows that the car is at home on the track as well as on everyday streets. Just hit R on the keyboard and watch the Honda turn into a escape vehicle  http://www.hondatheotherside.com


  • Price matching online?

    Walmart is in discussions to determine if they should move forward with price-matching online (for say Amazon.com).

    The exec's are just determingin how much the company may lose if the program were to go nationwide.

    "If the program comes to fruition, Walmart would be joining the likes of Best Buy and Target, which previously implemented online price-matching programs to keep customers from browsing items in their stores, only to make purchases online from competitors like Amazon."

    Very interesting to see how this moves forward.

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  • AT+T and their new concept store

    The result of more than two years of exploration and research all centered on one design goal: to create a more interactive and inviting store environment.

    AT&T said everything about the store is designed for ultimate flexibility. The store layout will highlight AT&T's products and services, devices and accessories across three unique "zones". See below for details.

    • Connected Experience Zone features "lifestyle vignettes" that offer customers a glimpse of how products can be used in customers' everyday lives. These lifestyle pavilions will highlight categories such as music, home security, entertainment and more.
    • Community Zone, featuring "community tables" that let customers shop and play in an open and interactive space. This space has apps, accessories and devices on display to show customers how they can work together.
    • Zone with "explore walls" that showcase AT&T's diverse device line-up and accessories complemented by digital monitors with product information.


    A very interesting way to both retain loyalty, drive new news, get new consumers and combat showboating.


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  • Why The Nation's Biggest Retailers Are Rejecting Apple Pay

    In case you haven't heard, the switch has been flipped on Apple Pay with the iOS 8.1 update. Some of your favorite retailers now accept NFC payments from iPhone 6-toting customers.

    But not all retailers have accepted it with open arms. Even the ones who unofficially supported Apple Pay at launch (i.e. Rite Aid) have since abruptly pulled support. Yesterday another one of the nation's largest retailers, CVS, officially issued a block on Apple Pay support.

    Why is this happening?

    TechCrunch published a lengthy piece on why some of the biggest retailers — from Walmart and Target to 7-Eleven and Wawa — have decided to reject the biggest push into NFC payents from a biggest name in tech.

    The reason: MCX's CurrentC payments platform.

    In an attempt to avoid the 2-3% credit card fee that retailers are charged per trasaction, they are banding together to support a mobile wallet platform that pulls from customers' bank accounts instead.

    Loyalty rewards and discounts are automatically applied at checkout, but TechCrunch is calling the QR-code based payment process "clunky," while John Gruber pegs the coalition of retailers as being "based more around solving the retailers’ credit card fee problems than the consumers’ payment friction problems."

    Will CurrentC find an audience, or will it go the way of the dodo, simultaneously creating ill-will for the retailers backing it? In either case, you should learn more about it.


  • Storymaking: The Next Evolution in Storytelling

    Storytelling in marketing and advertising has been all the rage for the last 5-10 years. But there's a new term in town - storymaking - how brands today are activating their customers and turning them into not only evangelists but also publishers.

    I took a look at the implications of storymaking and highlight three brands that are already ahead of the curve.

    Read the full article here >> http://www.saydaily.com/2014/10/storymaking

  • Walmart analyst meeting: Top 3 takeways for suppliers

    Just puiblished insights from WM's analyst meeting. Basically, it's their 3 top goals for 2015 and beyond.

    1. Thorough rethinking: Walmart knows they need to adapt to effectively reach today's shoppers. Expect to see an increase in digital initiatives, smaller stores and a focus on fuel, fresh, digital connections. Now is the time for brands / manufacturers to advise WM on their specific categories and smaller store dynamics.

    2. Invest over harvest: Priority is growth. THis means more investments in fresh, in-stocks and faster check-out experiences (gasp). Expect some big changes in-store, changing merchandising, and other trip-driving services.

    3. Disruptive Innovaiton: Walmart wants to test "go to market approaches", learn from the failures and make them better. (some examples would be the canceled Scan&GO self-checkout,l aunch of e-receipts)

    How can our clients continue to help WM deliver on their EDLP but also help shoppers with fast and easy shopping trips?

    Check out the full article: (you'll need your Kantar login) - http://bit.ly/1sXFpvQ

  • How Target is promoting Halloween

    Check out how Target is using Instagram for DIY Halloween. Obviously, the items they use can be purchased at Target stores. very interesting. check it ou